Amazon Videos Now on Chromecast, Months After Peace Deal

Amazon Videos Now on Chromecast, Months After Peace Deal

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Subscribers will have access to Amazon videos now on Chromecast dongles, months after Amazon, and Google decided to end their long-running dispute.

The conflict between Amazon and Google started several years ago when Amazon declined to sell the Chromecast products of Google on its online store. In 2017, the dispute escalated when Google, in turn, decided to pull YouTube off from the Echo show smart screens of Amazon, which was then followed by Amazon doing the same thing against Google on their Fire TV service.

However, in December 2018, the hopes that the dispute between two giants in the industry is ending was sparked when Amazon started stocking on Chromecast products again. The end of the conflict between Amazon and Google became more real when both sides have confirmed they are ending the feud. It was then followed by the news that Google and Amazon signed a deal to provide access to their video services to each other.

Now, months after Google and Amazon have called truce, Amazon on-demand video services are now available on Chromecast dongles and will soon be coming to set-top boxes and Android-powered TVs. On the other hand, YouTube TV app can also be accessed on Fire TV devices now, with child-centric YouTube Kids edition coming in the devices in the near future.

However, press releases haven’t mentioned anything about YouTube taking back its part on the Echo Show, the same for the Amazon Prime on the Nest Hub smart displays of Google.

Likewise, there is still no Google smart screens or speakers available for sale on Amazon, although there are already some stocks of Nest-branded devices.

Amazon and Google delivering on their peace deal are great for customers looking for services that can offer both YouTube and Prime Video on a single platform, similar to Apple TV and Roku, although most have been curious why it took so long for both Amazon and Google to resolve their issues.

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