Roku Players and TVs to Have a Fully Functional Web Browser

Roku Players and TVs to Have a Fully Functional Web Browser

LOS GATOS, California – Owners of Roku TVs and players have been asking Roku for web browsers since its first few iterations, and such requests intensified with frequency with the announcement of Amazonâ€s official web browser.

To fulfill this request, Roku has come out with its own web browser, courtesy of developer Endangered Screens. Now, owners of Roku TVs and Roku players will be able to surf the internet on their devices.

However, it will only be available as an add-on to the existing Roku service as another channel, costing $4.99 per month. The browser, called the Web Browser X is not an official Roku browser, but rather, one that simply works on Roku devices.

According to Rokuâ€s description, Web Browser X will allow owners of Roku devices to enjoy their favorite websites, with special emphasis on news, finance, and sports sites. The browser also works well with Google and allows users to save their homepage for easier browsing.

Though widely compatible with devices currently supported by Roku, the Web Browser X Roku Channel has shown better performance on the newer models of Roku TVs and players.

Web Browser X is simply a measure to enable web browsing on Roku devices; however; for popular video streaming sites like YouTube, using their official Roku channels would give the best quality and performance.

With the arrival of Web Browser X comes the hope that more options to browse the web will come to Roku, either from Roku themselves or more third-party developers. Additionally, this opens up the possibility that other external apps and channels might become available to the platform, as well.

If youâ€ve tried out the Web Browser X  Roku Channel, make sure to leave a comment on how it performed for you on your device, and how you think it could improve.

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