Comcast and DISH Drop Sports Programming on High Costs

Comcast and DISH Drop Sports Programming on High Costs

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – Comcast and DISH drop sports programming due to higher costs as cord-cutting becomes more popular with users.

With recent news on push backs against sports content, it suggests that cord-cutting is causing satellite TV and cable TV subscribers to push back, mainly due to increasing costs of most sports contents.

Recently, it was reported that DISH, including its Sling TV streaming service, has dropped FOX regional sports networks. Following that, DISH, along with Sling TV, also reported dropping the NBC Sports Chicago from its sports-content lineup. More recently, DISH and Comcast announced dropping Altitude Sports, which is based in Denver.

Commenting on the news, Altitude Sports said that Comcast was asking them to cut their current contracts around 50% to 70% lower compared to their last contract with the service provider.

DISH has also made a statement about the news, saying that DISH and Sling TV is unlikely to get back FOC regional sports networks. DISH executives have previously pushed on the issue that FOX RSNs are costly, and only very few viewers watch them during DISH’s 2nd-quarter earnings call in 2019.

However, after that statement, DISH has also acknowledged that, with their push back on sports content, they will lose some of their current subscribes, although they have also hoped that those who will continue with their service might get a price break.

On the other hand, during the third quarter 2019 earnings report, DISH also said that TV subscribers who want RSNs might have likely left their services already, which according to them, continuing to pay costly FOX RSNs wouldn’t be a good investment for them.

DISH has also sent a statement talking about the future between DISH and Sling TV with FOX RSNs. DISH stated that they are willing to work with proposals that will be fair for their customers, but that they haven’t reached an agreement to bring back the FOX RSNs to its Sling TV customers

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