High-Speed Amazon Home Internet Service Update  

High-Speed Amazon Home Internet Service Update

SEATTLE, Wa. – Companies have been planning to push the market further by bringing broadband into much larger portions of the world, and the Amazon Home Internet Service is one of what is coming soon.

Previously, Amazon’s CEO has explained all his plans for the new High-Speed Home Internet Service, and here’s what to know about Amazon’s plans so far.

Amazon’s plan for a Home Internet Service is running under Kuiper Systems, a subsidiary of This is ran by president Rajeev Badyal, who is a former vice president at SpaceX.

While Amazon has been looking towards options to build and offer a high-speed home internet service for a long while, the giant only asked permission from the FCC to start with service testing in summer 2019.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the goal for the Home Internet Service is to offer it everywhere in the world. With the low orbit satellites, access to the broadband will reach places that have previously been underserved, such as developing countries.

Amazon plans include launching 3,236 satellites to use for their network, and set it around 367-mile, 379-mile, and 391-mile altitudes. At these altitudes, the satellites can reach 56-degrees north and 56-degrees south, which, according to Amazon, would reach around 95% of the total population in the world.

Based on the statement from The Next Web, the LEO satellites Amazon is planning to launch are very close at 99 miles to 1200 miles from the Earth compared to traditional GEO satellites, which are around 22,000 miles away. The shorter distance of LEO satellites from the Earth means lower latency and can render service quality that is comparable to fiber broadband and wired cable service providers.

Although it is a bit early to predict how much the high-speed Home Internet Service will cost, it is expected to be at least affordable with the presence of other players in the game as more providers are planning towards offering the same service.

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