New TV Price Hike for AT&T, Comcast & Spectrum to Come Soon

New TV Price Hike for AT&T, Comcast & Spectrum to Come Soon

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Cord cutters are expecting a new TV price hike for AT&T, Comcast, and Spectrum streaming services real soon.

According to a statement from the website of AT&T, they will be raising their rates, which is scheduled to take effect on January 19, 2020, for new customers. On the other hand, current service subscribers will see the increased price once AT&T’s promotional pricing ends.

The price hike for AT&T TV will largely depend on the subscription plan, but both the Xtra and Unlimited plans are looking towards an additional $7 per month, while the DIRECTV Premier TV plan will increase by $8 per month.

Some of the price hikes for AT&T’s service are for additional fees for access to Regional Sports Networks, which adds as much as $2 per month, depending on the user’s location. The new price hike will take effect on all service plans offered by AT&T, including promotional pricing plans.

Comcast will also impose a price increase for their TV streaming services starting as early as December 18, but it will only become nationwide early next year. The Basic TV package of Comcast will increase to as much as $30 or $35 per month, while the Broadcast TV is looking towards an additional $10 to $14.95 per month. The internet services of Comcast will also go up, with most plans adding $3 per month. The only thing safe from Comcast’s new price hike is the Gigabit Pro, which will stay at its current fee of $299.95 per month.

Starting in October, Spectrum customers have seen their subscription fees go up, but they are in for yet another price hike, marking the third price increase in just 12 months.

Previously in November 2018, Spectrum TV customers were paying $9.95 per month for streaming services, the first increase from its original $8.85 fee. In March 2019, Spectrum raised its subscription fee to $11.99 per month, but now customers are expecting to pay the newest $13.50 broadcast TV fee. Unfortunately, even the price lock feature for Spectrum subscriptions wouldn’t save their customers from the price hike.


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