‘The Mandalorian’ Enters Its Sixth Week in a Shower of Praise

‘The Mandalorian’ Enters Its Sixth Week in a Shower of Praise

BURBANK, California – The Mandalorian premiered recently on Disney Plus, amidst much anticipation from new and old fans alike. After the first few episodes, showrunner Jon Favreau was touted by critics to have done an exemplary job.

The Mandalorian takes place in the years following the fall of the Empire in episode VI, sometime before the First Order arose.

In the fringes of the galaxy, a lawless, savage frontier, an order of bounty hunters known as the Mandalorians ply their trade. Hailing from the now-broken planet of Mandalore, these warlike people adhere to their old warrior’s code of honor in a place where to have a creed is weakness. The titular hero of the story was adopted and trained by these bounty hunters as an orphan.

The show is slated to have a total of eight episodes in its first season, each considered to be full “chapters” in the overall story. Each of the first four episodes were directed by different individuals.

The show arrived along with the launch of Disney Plus on November 12th,  showing a new chapter every week.

All chapters for the season are apparently ready for release, with the second season’s filming well underway.

Critics and fans alike eagerly await the coming of the new episodes every Friday. Many who praise it have said that it embodies the cinematic spirit of the original Star Wars trilogies.

People enjoy the character of the titular Mandalorian greatly, lauding his commitment to “doing the right thing”, often sacrificing his own opportunities for material wealth and love to do so.

The Mandalorian, who avoids droids despite exuding a robotic aura himself, is given pause when he chances upon something only he can protect.

If the heroic self-sacrificial philosophy of the Mandalorians does not attract you, say fans, baby Yoda will.


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