Spectrum TV to Charge Customers Extra for Sports Channels

Spectrum TV to Charge Customers Extra for Sports Channels

STAMFORD, Connecticut – Spectrum TV owners who primarily view the Outdoor Channel, MLB StrikeZone, and NFL Redzone will soon find themselves paying extra to watch their favorite shows.

These channels will soon be packaged in a separate subscription known as the Spectrum TV Sports Pack, as notified by Spectrum in a recent update.

According to the update, NFL Redzone, the Outdoor Channel, and MLB StrikeZone will all be removed from their current subscription package as early as December 30, 2019.

Customers can then regain these channels by calling 1-844-31-1378 to subscribe to the Spectrum TV Sports Pack.

This change means if you want to continue to watch these networks, you will soon have to pay even more. This, in short, works out to be a hidden price hike on Spectrum TV customers as customers in the past got these channels included, but now will have to pay extra.

This move, which comes much to the dismay of many Spectrum TV customers, amounts to what appears to be a price hike in disguise, although only affecting those who frequently watch sports content.

Still, sports watchers disproportionately outnumber those who do not watch sports, effectively making this extra charge apply to nearly the entire customer base.

This comes after another price hike which occurred in October of 2019, which saw monthly fees increase to $11.99. Now, with the arrival of the Spectrum TV Sports Pack, customers will find themselves paying $13.50 for all of the content that Spectrum TV offers.

It is worth noting that most of the content Spectrum offers can also be accessed as free over-the-air TV using an antenna.

Annually, this will amount to $162, plus Spectrum’s TV Choice and TV Stream services’ Broadcast TV surcharge of $6/month (up from $5/month).

All told, the appearance of the Spectrum TV Sports Pack will have been the third price hike for the service in 2019.

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