Amazon-StackTV Team Up to Deliver Live TV Streaming to Canada Prime Video App

Amazon-StackTV Team Up to Deliver Live TV Streaming to Canada Prime Video App

TORONTO, Canada – In June of 2019, StackTV was released by Corus Entertainment, much to the delight of Canadian cord cutters. Now, at the end of the year, Corus has made another move with the intent to help an even larger cord cutting audience to watch live TV.

Despite its good qualities, StackTV, which is powered by Amazon, has been hit by criticism for several perceived drawbacks when it comes to content and signing up, as well as customer support.

One thing that many critics point out is the fact that one must be an Amazon Prime member in order to avail of the service.

Subscribing to Amazon Prime would add $8 to the $12.99/month subscription cost of StackTV.

However, this pairing with Amazon means that StackTV will be available on all devices compatible with the Prime Video App; this includes Fire Sticks and Fire TVs. However, as of yet there is no integration with Alexa to speak of.

This means that users of the service will be unable to use voice commands at all in the app.

One disadvantage to the availability of live TV is that viewers would still have to watch commercials. Once content previously on live TV is moved to the on-demand section of StackTV, however, all commercials will be replaced by short ads instead.

Content moved to the on-demand section will be available for 60 days before being replaced by newer content.

This raised another point of criticism, as many people reacted negatively to the fact that subscribers were not notified at all of when content would be pulled off the on-demand section.

According to Corpus Content Distribution VP Drew Robinson, such a feature is not possible to implement at the moment, but further developments on the StackTV service are continuing steadily. This news is still developing so subscribers must keep themselves updated.

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