DIRECTV Price Hike for 2019 Brings the Service to $20/Month

DIRECTV Price Hike for 2019 Brings the Service to $20Month

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – The DIRECTV price hike has been going on throughout 2019, and as the year ends, the service fee now looks towards a hefty $20 per month.

Like other streaming platforms, AT&T has slowly increased the cost of its streaming services in 2019, including DIRECTV. Now, with the recent price hike, the beginning of 2020 is looking towards a much higher fee for DIRECTV subscribers.

Just recently, AT&T announced that with the fees for sports programming rising by around $2 per month, it decided to hike the price for its service packages by $8 per month, and that is an addition to the price hike that AT&T has already enforced early this year.

In total since January 2019, the subscription price for DIRECTV has increased to $19.90 per month, although the recent price hike will take effect in the first month of 2020. But still, it will raise the fees that subscribers will pay for the next billing cycle.

Aside from the price hike for DIRECTV subscribers, the promotional rate offered to new customers of the streaming service has also inched higher this year. DIRECTV’s promotional rate increased to $10 per month in August 2019, which means the former cheap promotional cost has gone up for new customers.

In total, DIRECTV subscribers have to pay around $238.80 more per year, and for two years, the subscription fee they have to pay is $477.60 more.

Cord-cutting has been a great option for TV customers looking for more affordable streaming options. But with the recent price hikes that streaming services are trying to impose on their new and existing customers, people are starting to question the possibility that cord-cutting will become pricier than cable TV. That will only happen once satellite companies and cable TV stops with any more price hikes. But, with AT&T and other services including Spectrum, DISH, and Comcast all raising their service prices, that scenario is not happening in the near future.

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