New Comcast Packages Start at $10 per Month in 2020

PHILADEPHIA, Pen. – New Comcast packages aim to fight cord-cutting as the new year comes, offering more affordable streaming options.

With the recent price hikes surrounding a lot of streaming services and providers recently, it seems that Comcast has heard most of the streamers’ concerns. Comcast is expecting to launch its new service package, which is part of their Comcast Vision 2020. The new service package from Comcast, which is offered only at $10 per month, aims to draw cord-cutters back towards cable TV options.

These smaller TV packages from Comcast will be called Choice, which offers streamers an option between their $10 and $20 service to allow a more personalized TV bundle. Streamers will have the options to subscribe to their pre-selected packages of choice which include entertainment contents, news, and an option to add local TV programs.

Although these new smaller TV packages are more affordable than most services offered in the market, the only catch is the service fee that doesn’t include equipment fees. It means that users will have to pay for the DVR if they want one along with the fee for the new Comcast Choice package of their choice.

According to sources, the smaller $10 Comcast packages aim to bring the many cord-cutters back to choosing cable TV for streaming. The hope of the service provider that with the relatively affordable TV streaming packages, streamers would want to pay for additional services and packages such as a home security or a wireless phone.

However, according to some sources, if streamers are not careful with the streaming services they subscribe to, the smaller TV streaming bundles could easily add up ending to become pricier than the traditional bundles that Comcast offers – something that the service provider will continue to sell going forward.

Although there isn’t an exact date when these smaller bundles will go public, they are expected to start rolling out in 2020.

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