Synamedia Executive Predicts Widespread Cross-Service TV Bundles in 2020

Synamedia Executive Predicts Widespread Cross-Service TV Bundles in 2020

STAINES-UPON-THAMES, United Kingdom – Synamediaâ€s Chief Product Officer, Jean-Marc Racine, gave several predictions recently on the state of the TV industry in the year 2020.

The primary thing Racine stressed in his predictions were that cross-service TV bundles will play a large part in the coming year, in light of the changing landscape in the industry brought about by acquisitions and partnerships.

Racine claims that cord cutting will eventually decelerate to a point as to disprove the notion that it will render traditional pay-TV obsolete.

This will be brought about by the rise of the cross-service TV bundle, which offers more viewing options in contrast with the restrictive, tightly packaged products being offered at the moment.

Due to media giants entering the streaming scene, consumers will become bombarded by an overt amount of self-contained cord cutting products, which will ultimately lead to customer frustration.

This, says Racine, will be the driving force that will lead new streaming players to bond with traditional pay-TV services to offer viewers a joint bundle to meet the demand for better consumer options.

Racine also predicted that the heightened amount of cooperation among services, as well as the need to maintain the integrity and value of content, will lead to better protection against piracy and the improvement of overall latency.

As revenues will be shared between jointly operating services, cutting losses incurred from piracy will become even more important. Latency will also be vastly improved, as live content streaming gains a larger viewership, mostly sports viewers.

These advancements will then feed into optimizations for cloud storage, but most importantly, addressable advertising. As with most streaming platforms, targeted ads will become prevalent among TV services, based upon the latest advertising algorithms and research to best meet the demands of advertisers.

As this trend progresses, says Racine, the industry will eventually standardize its methods in addressing ads to certain demographics.

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