Roku Stocks up by 400%, One of the Best Stocks of the Year

Roku Stocks up by 400% From January Value, One of the Best Stocks of the Year

LOS GATOS, Calif. – As many stock analysts reported, Roku stocks appeared to be on its way to a crash back in 1Q 2019, stemming from a downturn in 4Q of the previous year.

Following record highs in October 2018, the company fell by 65% in the beginning of 2019, leading to a high amount of pressure from sellers.

One reason to this decline is that many people pointed to Roku’s stockholders being averse to risks, especially given that the streaming industry was a young market prone to instability.

In the recent months, however, there was a resurgence of investors in Roku, resulting in a sharp upturn and a market value far greater than they had lost at the beginning of the year. Roku’s investors became what some analysts have considered “bullish”, ultimately leading to its success at the closing of 2019.

With a growth of 400% from its January 2019 value, Roku has proven to be the fastest-growing high-profile brand in 2019. This value does not surpass its all-time highest, however, but many consider it to be emblematic of the trajectory that Roku is set to go, and believe that this will further drive up investment. .

Several stock traders have reported that trading options on Roku stocks throughout 2019 had given them very favorable results, with average gains reaching 100%. These gains were reported amongst the stock trading community, and resulted in even higher interest in Roku stocks.

Roku CEO Anthony Wood has expressed his confidence on Roku multiple times in statements made in 2019, saying that streaming is a relevant and competitive market, which will decide the fate of the entertainment industry as a whole in the coming years.

Having appeared numerous times on Mad Money and CNBC, Wood’s statements have contributed to drive cord cutting to its current state.

Roku unit sales frequently surpass sales records and quarterly revenue estimates, with more capacity for expansion according to chart projections. This potential, many believe, will invite an even greater number of investors to purchase Roku stocks.

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