SpaceX Home Internet Could be Offered Before 2020

SpaceX Could Start Offering Home Internet Before 2020

HAWTHORN, Calif. – Early in 2019, SpaceX has already secured approval for its plan to launch new 12,000 satellites into space as it aims to build a network of satellites that is much closer to the earth, which will ultimately allow the company to offer consumers better home internet services.

One of the visions of SpaceX using their low-orbit satellites is not just to offer much faster home internet service, but to provide access to the same quality home internet service to more parts of the world.

According to the recent filing of SpaceX in the FCC, the firm said that if their changes get the approval it needs, SpaceX could possibly start providing consumers a high-speed home internet service before the start of the hurricane season in 2020.

SpaceX stated in their FCC filing that the adjustment they are trying to make will speed up the coverage to states in the South and other US territories. The FCC filing also stated that the adjustment will also have the potential to assist in the coverage for the southern continent of the US by the end of the hurricane season in 2020, and will soon reach more US territories before the next hurricane season.

While there are no updates on how SpaceX will charge for its home internet service, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had previously said at the SXSW that the service will be low-coast.

According to some reports, SpaceX is hoping to offer faster home internet, but an extremely competitive service as well in terms of cost. Previous comments also stated that SpaceX is planning to start offering high-speed home internet services around most regions in North America between late 2019 to early 2020.

So far, there are still a lot of things to know about the home internet service SpaceX hopes to offer soon, like how fast the internet will be. So far, SpaceX hasn’t given any more detail about the service, except for saying it will be much faster than the current internet services being offered in its promotions. Hopefully, SpaceX will offer more updates on what and when Americans will have access to a faster and more affordable internet service.

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