Apple is Building its own Internet, Intends to Operate by 2024

Apple is Building its own Internet, Intends to Operate by 2024

CUPERTINO, California – Bloomberg’s report came in today on the latest developments on Apple’s R&D efforts. It would seem that Apple has assembled a team of engineers for the purpose of establishing Apple’s very own internet service.

Twelve engineers were chosen from the satellite design, antenna design, and aerospace engineering industries to begin working on a satellite network for Apple, who intends for the internet service to become operational by 2024, at the latest.

According to the report, if Apple’s latest project succeeds, they will be able to transmit data from the internet directly onto Apple devices, eliminating the need to be subscribed to a wireless mobile carrier.

Additionally, Bloomberg says Apple’s planned broadcast method for the service will allow for faster and more exact data transfer.

While seemingly taking inspiration from SpaceX’s spaceborne internet efforts, Bloomberg has also said that it is possible that Apple’s internet satellites will make use of ground stations to distribute the data to individual devices.

Aside from that, it would seem that Apple is interested in launching their satellites themselves, in relation to a certain “special project” on satellite tech that they have been undertaking.

This development comes after Apple’s move to gather aerospace and wireless data executives. In conjunction with these, engineers versed in communication equipment component design were also hired. Notable additions to this team of engineers included Matt Ettus, an experienced wireless industry engineer.

Alongside Apple, Amazon’s Blue Origin and SpaceX contend to build their spaceborne internet service in as fast a time frame as possible. The matter of whether the former’s Project Kuiper or the latter’s Starlink will launch first remains to be seen.

Still, many analysts and observers say that Apple’s entry into the young satellite internet market will be sure to stimulate the contest, influencing each corporation’s next moves with a renewed potency.

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