Mohu Topped the Best Antenna List for Cordie Awards 2019

Mohu Topped the Best Antenna List for Cordie Awards 2019

RALEIGH, N.C. – The Cordie Awards 2019 has chosen; Mohu topped the best antenna list for cord-cutters.

There are a lot of streaming choices for cord-cutters, but when it comes to free access to live and local channels, antennas are often the preferred option. For a lot of households all over the US, an antenna is one of the best choices to gain access to five major networks such as FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, and CW, and more channels, free of charge.

There are several choices for both outdoor and indoor antennas as well. But, the Cordie Awards 2019 asked readers and cord cutters†opinion on who the best antenna company in the country is. And based on votes, Mohu snagged the first place and named the best antenna service for 2019 with its 26.5% of the total votes.

The second place for the best antenna service of 2019 is Antennas Direct, with 19.4% of voters in its favor. It was then followed by Winegard in third place, with 12.95% of the votes. RCA took fourth place with 10.9%. The fifth place for the award was given to TERK after 3.7% of the total participants voted for it.

Based on the voters for the best antenna award of 2019, 12.5% said that they use another brand of antenna service for streaming, while the other 14.1% said that they don’t use the antenna at all.

For households that are looking for the best antenna service to use, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor purposes, there are several options in the market. However, these top five named in the awards are pretty much the choice of many cord-cutters out there.

Meanwhile, with 14.1% of cord-cutters that are non-antenna users, there might be some excellent reasons why an antenna service might be a nice addition to the streaming services at home.

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