Comcast is Buying Xumo TV, According to Reports

Comcast is Buying Xumo TV, According to Reports

PHILADELPHIA, Pen. – According to recent reports, Comcast is buying Xumo TV, in line with its Comcast Vision 2020 plan.

Based on a feature at The Wall Street Journal yesterday, Comcast is said to be under exclusive and advanced negotiations to purchase Xumo TV, a free streaming service. The report of the purchase came after the news that Comcast is currently working on its Comcast Vision 2020 plan that aims to change how it provides users with TV experience as it paves the way for its Peacock streaming service launch.

Xumo TV offers 160 channels, free of charge, which range from news content, music, sports, and entertainment. Xumo TV has been expanding, especially in its device support, as it recently partnered with Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku, among others.

Ahead of the report of the buyout, Xumo TV has already partnered with Comcast to offer Xumo TV in X1 devices.

By buying Xumo TV, Comcast might be looking towards gaining the same success that Viacom accomplished with purchasing the Pluto TV, which is also a free streaming service like Xumo TV. The purchase is also expected to help Comcast as it builds the Peacock streaming service scheduled to come out early next year. Based on previous reports, the upcoming peacock streaming service will include a free plan with ads and paid plans as well.

Adding the current content library from Xumo will help build the free tier for Comcastâ€s upcoming streaming service faster.

With the current contracts between Xumo TV and T-Mobile and LG to offer its free content on LG smartphones and TVs, the purchase will also allow Comcast to widen its content’s reach towards LG smartphones and TVs.

Free and ad-supported streaming services have been growing in 2019. They were also the most-talked parts for a lot of cord-cutters, and it is not surprising that big old-school TV companies such as Viacom, and now, Comcast, have taken notice.

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