AirTV Director Addresses Questions About Newly Launched AirTV 2

AirTV Director Addresses Questions About Newly Launched AirTV 2

NEW YORK CITY, New York – The AirTV 2 had recently been launched, and with it came several questions from curious prospective buyers. Mitch Weinraub, director for the AirTV product, addressed several of these concerns.

First, Weinraub talked about the performance improvements on the second iteration of the AirTV: primarily, this includes enhanced 802.11ac, 2×2 dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. The chassis has been redesigned to be vertical, enabling easier antenna placement.

This ties into the next question, which was why AirTV users would want to upgrade to AirTV 2. Weinraub’s answer was that the AirTV 2 would be perfect for those who need better connection to the internet. The AirTV 2 is faster, and more powerful, meaning that it gives clearer, smoother streams, and has a much wider signal radius.

The next question the director addressed was AirTV 2’s compatibility. As of the moment, it is compatible with the AirTV Player, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, and AirTV Mini. Support for Apple TV and other devices are currently in development, but they have yet to announce a set launch date.

The reason he gave for this was that the AirTV team is currently focusing their energies on stabilizing and improving the support for currently compatible devices, which would give them a good base to meet further compatibility demand.

As for 4-tuner settings, Weinraub had said that this will likely come in the future, as they fully intend to expand their product line and aid cord-cutting as a whole.

Finally, Weinraub answered the question of how the AirTV 2 rises above its contemporaries by saying that it is by far the most affordable cord cutting option on the market right now.

The AirTV 2, says Weinraub, integrates over-the-air channels seamlessly with Sling TV’s lineup, as well as customers’ DVR content and Netflix account.

According to him, the entire package fulfils what cable offers and more, with a higher degree of customizability and at a lower price.

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