Sony Plans New Programming for GetTV Starting 2020

Sony Plans New Programming for GetTV Starting 2020

CULVER CITY, Calif. – Sony plans new programming and entertainment blocks, which will start showing up on GetTV starting next year.

Streamers of the OTA TV network GetTV will notice some new programming starting in 2020. Based on the announcement, Sony has planned to add fresh programming blocks using its name brand, which will focus mainly on superheroes, science fiction, and action.

The new entertainment blocks will be available on GetTV next year. But more than that, more mainstream Sony TV shows and movies will also be available on the network, including Blade Runner, Ghostbusters, Men in Black, and many others.

GetTV, an OTA TV network, was first launched in 2014. Since then, the channel has grown exponentially and now covers around 80% of the US free of charge with an antenna, and is available in 85 different markets.

Sony has been making its move to provide access to its high-profile entertainment contents through the network, which mainly aims to get even more TV stations to pick up GetTV. Sony has been aiming for an increasing number of both live TV streaming services and cable networks to pick up GetTV, mainly because they don’t have a free online stream of the network, unlike most of their competitors.

Although Sony, as a content owner, does not pay for the network, offering it in front of more streamers all over the US will help boost its ad revenue, which is what Sony mainly aims for.

Aside from the upcoming entertainment blocks that will put high-profile Sony TV shows and movies at the forefront of GetTV, the channel also offers content from other major studios such as MGM, which has been heavily investing it OTA TV.

Recently, Sony has been in the works to further its investments, especially when it comes to new TV channels. Previously, it has bought the part of AT&T on the Game Show Network, and more is expected from the company going forward.

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