Chromecast now available with Quibi

Quibi have made an update to its IOS app. This update will allow you to stream on a Television via Chromecast. This update was released on Tuesday, however, Quibi added Airplay support. Before this, it wasn’t possible to stream without a mobile. This only seems to be available with Apple, because Android still doesn’t seem to support Chromecast features.

It has been a difficult journey for Quibi this year. They have only been around since early April, during a global pandemic. Many would think they would benefit from more users being at home and streaming services. However, Quibi have struggled in the marketing department and generally finding those customers.

Launching Airplay support was not easy. It nearly took a month to set up. After a few months, Chromecast support is being added to the mix. The only issue is that there isn’t much variety when it comes to streaming platforms. You can stream via Apple, but when it comes to Android and Roku for example, this isn’t yet possible. So if you have any plans to stream Quibi on your big screen, you will need to make sure you have an apple device!

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