Starz and Epix now available via Philo

Philo plans to add some premium content to their Platform. A Reddit user was able to spot Starz and Epix content after an upgrade. This led to the Philo CEO, Andre McCollum confirming that new upgrades had just been released. He added that Philo needs to fix a few things in regards to the new content, making sure that any user can see some content with or without a subscription.

“Yeah, this is just starting to roll out. We are still working on addressing some of the visibility issues. The goal is to only have content appear that has an existing or upcoming airing on a channel you do subscribe to,” McCollum stated.  “I agree that we don’t want to be constantly showing lots of content that requires an upgrade to watch, though occasionally there may be movies that you could watch immediately by upgrading.”

In terms of the platforms, you can expect to see content from, we’re talking about Starz, Starz Encore, and Starz Kids & Family at $9 per month. However, if users are quick and sign up before July 6, they will receive that very add on for only $5 for the first three months.

The Epix package also comes with Epix Hits and Epix 2 and is going for $6 per month. Users who sign up now are also eligible for a discount and will pay $3 per month for the first three months. Both packages come with a seven-day free trial. At the beginning of the year, Philo started an ad campaign that focused on awareness for their live streaming. The ad focus on its reasonable price of $20 per month. The campaign, titled “Philo is TV. For Everyone,” highlighted the service’s offerings from “about five dozen networks from Discovery, ViacomCBS, AMC Networks, and others.”

This particular ad was pushed to digital and linear platforms in different time slots, ranging from 15-60 seconds. This was aimed at the New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta markets. The launched in January, and they expected to continue for the first half of 2020.

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