Disney+ steadily grow in subscribes across the globe


It has been seven months since Disney+ launched in the U.S. The service has been perfecting the product and making sure that they turn out to be one of the top streaming services. Data from Omdia Consumer Research has proven that one in four households currently have Disney+.

In terms of ranking, Disney is now ranked number 4 in regards to SVOD providers in the U.S., 25% of US SVOD Subscribers had Disney+, which is an impressive number. Netflix is still at the top when it comes to subscribers, with 60% currently. However, Hulu and Amazon Prime are not far behind with 29% and 47%, which are excellent numbers.

Nobody can deny that Disney+ is an extremely fast-growing streamer in other parts of the world also. In the U.K., there has been an incredible climb to 4.3 million subscribers since the release on March 24, 2020. It only took until April it was the third most popular streaming service throughout the U.K. Only beaten by Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

“Disney+ arrived in the U.K. just as COVID-19 social distancing and quarantine measures commenced,” said Maria Rua Aguete, senior research director, video, T.V. and advertising for Omdia. “Streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix have become the biggest winners during the lockdown as consumers have sought new entertainment experiences to keep themselves entertained. The content and user experience offered by these services have proven to be their key differentiators. In particular, the current catalogs offered by these services have become increasingly alluring to viewers, given than the pandemic has halted production of new video content.”

How did Disney+ grow so fast, you might ask? There are a few factors. Other services have had issues with their production and putting out fresh content. In the current situation of a global pandemic, this is understandable. However, Disney+ base their content on nostalgia and Disney classics that everybody loves. Obviously, this does not require filming at this moment in time. So, despite this being a challenging time for the entire world, the timing is perfect from a streaming standpoint.

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