Flosports add Speed Shift TV to their lineup

Flosports are a platform who focus on producing their own content as well as sports streaming. Today, they announced a partnership with Speed Shift TV, who are a motorsports streamer. They have acquired their services, which means FloSports have added over 400 racing events to their platform.

The only other Motorsports platform with Flosports is DirtonDirt. However, they seem to focus on short track racing. Despite this, they are able to provide over 800 racing events to FloRacing each year. With the addition of SpeedShift TV, this is going to be a dream for motorsport fans.

“The team at Speed Shift TV represents the best in motorsports OTT broadcasting,” says Mark Floreani, CEO, FloSports. “Their expertise, production capabilities, and knowledge will help us bring grassroots and dirt track racing to a truly global audience. We couldn’t be more excited to have them join FloSports and grow this sport.”

In terms of when the races will start, we are expecting this to commence on June 27. The first race is planned to take place at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA.

Speed Shift TV have a lot of experience when it comes to racing content. Adding their services to Flosports is a beneficial addition and is going to provide an excellent service for any sports fans, and may even attract some new fans.

“Since the beginning, growing the sport has always been the capstone of the Speed Shift TV brand,” says Darren Shanley, Founder, Speed Shift TV. “It is a sentiment that FloRacing shares and thanks to their broad array of resources, everyone from drivers, crews, track operators, and most importantly, motorsports fans will reap a tremendous amount of value from our efforts. Buckle up! There will be a lot to be excited about.”
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