Quibi plan to move to big screens and bolster subscriber count

Quibi started off as a mobile only streaming service. Eventually, they decided to add Airplay support. This week they took the step to introduce Chromecast support. The most significant step, however, is Quibi Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg arranging an app for Roku and Amazon platforms. This would be a huge step. Quibi have a loyal fanbase that still needs to grow, and moving to such big platforms would take their service to the next level.

Talks between Quibi and Roku and very early and negotiations between Quibi and Amazon have happened in the past, but they have only continued those talks recently.

The story has come from the reports that Quibi were struggling to meet their goals in regards to subscribers. Statistics have shown that it is very likely that Quibi will end the year with 30% fewer subscribers than they expected initially. According to the Wall Street Journal, Quibi are going to end the year with 2 million subscribers, whilst it was projected that they would have 7.4 by their CEO.

Back in April, Whitman mentioned that they had always planned to cast their content, but the COVID-19 situation has forced them to speed up that process. Airplay support was added at the end of May, and following that was the addition of Chromecast support earlier this month. The reason for the acquisitions was to give subscribers more options and the ability to use their big screens. By focusing on watching content on phones, Quibi are limiting themselves massively, which is reflected by their inability to meet subscriber goals. Working with such large streaming platforms is precisely what Quibi need to make their service stand out and grow accordingly.

Quibi may have had a tough year, but a remarkable 1.75 billion has been invested into the service, and Katzenberg and Whitman are not planning to go down without a fight.

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