Roku set to stream Global Goal: Unite for Our Future – The Concert

Roku have made an enormous step. They have signed as a streaming partner for Global Goal: Unite for Our Future – The Concert, and this is now official. This concert will air on June 27, 2020, which falls on a Saturday. It will be an international summit that will focus on COVID-19 tests and their development, as well as possible treatments and vaccines. 

This specific event will make everybody aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had on communities worldwide. It is also a time to celebrate the incredible people working on the development of such tests such as scientists, health workers, activists, and various organizations who have helped towards finding a vaccine for this deadly virus.

This is a time that has devastated the world, and an event like this will be great to lift everyone’s spirits slightly. Those who have been working hard endlessly to keep us alive deserve celebration, and this concert is exactly what is needed right now. 

If you are waiting to hear the lineup of artists and special appearances, you will have to wait until Monday, June 22, when the lineup is announced. 

Fortunately, it will be straightforward to watch the concert as it will be available on pretty much every platform. So that means that there is no excuse to miss out! 

Global Goal: Unite for our Future—The Concert will air on channels all over the world including ARD, Canal+ Group, and RTVE in Europe, Bell Media, CBC, Citytv, and GlobalTV in Canada, NBC and iHeartMedia in the U.S., Globo Group in Brazil, Multichoice Group and SABC in Africa, and Fuji TV in Asia.

You will also be able to access the concert via platforms such as Apple, Brut, Roku, TIDAL, Twitch, Twitter, Yahoo! And YouTube. 


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