TIVO to roll out second update on the TiVo Stream 4K this month


TiVo plans to release an update that will focus on resolving some issues that the TiVo stream 4K currently has. They have done this before, but will specifically look at issues with the HDR this time. 

Those who have been using the device since launch have made reports that the HDR often uses the wrong standard. It also seems to stay in the “always-on” mode. This is usually caused when connected to the 4K TV, and there appears to be an issue with connecting to the device. There are also severe issues with image quality.

A representative for TiVo told CNET that they aim to update the service this month. They will resolve all HDR issues while making sure that all users can manually switch off “always-on” mode. Until then, however, TiVo has officially advised that users should use HDR10 in their settings. They need to make this default. (Settings > Device Preferences > More > Screen Resolution > HDR10)

This is not the first time TiVo has had to address customers’ complaints like this. This is the second update since launch. TiVO had to update an issue with blank screens and Ghost TV earlier this month. This issue was causing TVs to turn off by themselves.


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