The Natural Studios and Bear Grylls working with Team Whistle to bring out a new network

bear grylls

I’m sure many of you will know who Bear Grylls is. You may or may not know that he has his own production company called The Natural Studios. His production company are now working with Team Whistle to bring out a digital network in the fall. This content will mainly be for the younger generation, and most shows will feature Bear Grylls himself. However, there will also be shows about outdoor lifestyle and adventures. 

“This is about giving people access to the coolest tips and tricks of survival, as well as a look behind-the-scenes of my adventures, my life, and my friends,” Grylls said. “Ultimately, we want to empower people to be able to survive and thrive in the wild and in life.”

The upcoming Bear Grylls digital network series will be pushed through various platforms. This includes platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. 

“At The Natural Studios, we continue to strive to bring adventure and the great outdoors direct to people’s homes,” added Delbert Shoopman, Co-CEO, The Natural Studios. “Social provides that immediate sense of intimacy and immediacy that fans and adventurers love. We can’t wait to get started on introducing our followers to more of our friends and remarkable fellow adventurers.”

Team Whistle have various sub-networks. These include Whistle, Tiny Horse, New Form, and Vertical Networks. They are a media company known all over the world. They are changing the sports and entertainment business by the minute. They do this by creating and distributing content that their viewers love. They try to be very relatable and engaging. They have scripted and unscripted shows. They let viewers interact with some shows, but they also provide podcasts, music, and merchandise. If you are looking for a network that genuinely cares about their customers, you have to find the right place. Stay tuned and enjoy the the ride! 


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