Multiple channel streaming now available on tVOS14 via Apple TV

Earlier in the week, Apple made some huge announcements. They did this at their worldwide developer’s conference (WWDC) to Apple T.V. and tvOS. This included an update to all Apple T.V. devices called tVOS 14. The most noticeable enhancement is the new platform’s extensive support for P.I.P., which allows you to watch the on-demand video. 

During the Keynote, the company was able to demo a picture in the picture across apps. They have now confirmed that the ability to stream two videos at once will be supported, even in the same app. There is a built-in function that will allow you to switch between full screen to picture and picture. 

Cord cutters have always requested pictures in pictures within the app. Sports fans have been asking for this in particular. As a sports fan, many may enjoy more than one sport. This will allow them to enjoy two sports at once without having to use two different devices. To put it simply, this is pretty much a dream for any fan of multiple sports! 

Before PlayStation Vue shut down, they also had a similar future. This was called multi-view and allowed you to watch four channels at once. This was only available on PS4 but was eventually brought forward to Apple T.V. devices.

Even FuboTV added a feature called “Mini Player” that allows you to watch two channels at one time. It only takes one tap to switch what channel is playing through the T.V., and what channel is playing audio. This was released in August. 

Even services like Hulu Live T.V. and YouTube T.V. will need to make some changes to their apps to support this. In this day and age, it isn’t a hard task and should be done without much difficulty at all. 


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