Roku adds three new channels to their lineup


The Roku Channel is a free streaming channel provided by Roku. They have now added even more content to their Arsenal. Some of these channels are coming from very well known magazines.

Architectural Digest (Channel 474)

If you are interested in Design and Architecture, there is no doubt you will be familiar with this channel. This channel provides never seen before access to some amazing homes. Not only the homes but the people who live within these homes also. The amount of information this channel brings to architecture enthusiasts is incredible. However, there is also a focus on travel, art, and interior design.

Vanity Fair (Channel 477)

This channel focuses on different people and places. They do this to look deeper into modern culture. There is a lot of ground that the Vanity Fair channel covers. There is arts content, entertainment content, and even political content. That’s only a small selection of what they have to offer, as there is so much more.

Vogue (Channel 480)

If you are a fashion lover, there is no doubt that you know about Vogue. In fact, you don’t even need to know about fashion to know about Vogue. This channel takes style to a whole new level. They make it about much more than your appearance. They also take a look at what we eat, listen to, and watch. Our thought processes are taken into consideration, as well as our inspirations. Vogue is truly inspirational in the fashion world.

The three new channels will now come together in Roku, including Glamour and GQ, bringing magazines to your TV screen with free content for Roku users.

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