Amazon Prime Video will allow subscribers to set up multiple profiles on one account from July 7th

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon will now be giving it’s Prime Video customers a new feature. Subscribers will now be able to set up multiple profiles under one particular account. This will begin from July 7, and Amazon will set this up with US customers as well as a few other countries. This feature will allow customers to add five profiles to one account.

Prime subscribers have been asking this for a very long time. It is most likely because Netflix has offered a similar option for a very long time, as well as Hulu. The feature was first release outside of the US in March, and US customers have been patiently waiting for the feature to reach the US, which it finally has.

Each profile will be customized in accordance with the needs and preferences of the viewer. This information will be obtained by watching the activity of the person on that profile. For example, if you have been watching a series, you will be able to pick up exactly where you left off on your profile, while you’re also recommended a similar series that you may enjoy.

This would also apply to Amazon Prime Video Kids profiles. A profile can be set up with parental controls to restrict what children watch in their profile. They would only be recommended shows that are for their age, so you can relax with the knowledge that they won’t be watching anything they shouldn’t be!.

In terms of where this will be available, at the moment, you will be able to access this feature on Android and IOS versions of Prime Video. You will also have access via desktop and various tablets. Keep in mind tablets will have to be 10th gen or above if it’s a Fire tablet. You can also access the feature on PlayStation 4. There will be an option for Prime Video customers to create profiles for Fire TV also.

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