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Army Black Knights vs The Citadel Live Stream: Watch College Football Online

Army Black Knights and The Citadel will be facing each other in a game of football today (October 10th 2020, at 1:30 PM EST). This fixture will be held at Apogee Stadium with limited fans present. It will also be shown live on Stadium (US).

You can watch Army Black Knights vs The Citadel with the following details:

Date and Time: October 10th2020, 1:30 PM EST

Venue:  Michie Stadium


Online Stream: fuboTV (free with a trial)

Army Black Knights Preview

Army are pretty good at running the ball. Ok, this may be a slight understatement. Army actually run the ball more than any other team in College Football. They are currently 57.5 rushing attempts per game, which is way more than any other team in the nation.  They are ranked No.2 in the nation when it comes to rushing, so they are not far from being at the very top. Both teams are good runners of the ball, so this will be a very close game if they’re both on form.

The Citadel Preview

The Citadel are known for having an impressive running game. This is similar to Army.  Just to put this into perspective, three of their players have over 100 yards already this season. What causes this? It’s usually a mixture of very talented runners, and an O Line that are able to create the lanes requried. The Bulldogs are doing this very well and they should continue to do this against Army.

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