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Expansion Seen for North American OTT Industry by 2028

Market research database, ResearchMoz, released information about a study citing that North America will keep its over-the-top (OTT) industry dominance worldwide. Within a ten-year perspective from 2018 to 2028, the research cited factors that will fuel this trend. First is...


Entertainment Companies Indict 4 Websites for Piracy

Village Roadshow Films leads a coalition of entertainment firms supporting the ban of four websites which they reckon as perpetrating piracy. The group is disputing that Australian Internet service providers (ISPs) should stop the four Internet sites that illegally offer...


BT TV and UKTV Pleased to Offer Viewers VoD in HD Soon

The management of UKTV and BT TV have expressed their delight to continue offering best-in-class services to their consumers. At the height of video-on-demand (VOD) services gaining popularity worldwide, BT TV has announced that, together with UKTV, they are delighted...


Netflix Establishes Dominance in Hollywood with Emmy Accolades

The prestigious 70th Primetime Emmy Awards held last Monday highlighted Netflix's relentless uphill progress in Hollywood. Held at the Microsoft Theater in the bustling Downtown Los Angeles, California, the awarding ceremonies for this year underlined the competition between premium content...


Limelight Realtime Streaming Solves Delayed Live Streaming

Limelight Networks is optimizing the viewing experience of live streaming audiences through its Limelight Realtime Streaming service.  The new video streaming solution chiefly aims to resolve the common video latency challenge. Special plug-ins or software would no longer be necessary...

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